LS3/5A Richard Yim

Richard Yim's System

Source: Marantz SA8260 SACD/CD player

Preamps: EICO HF-85 (FP modified) in mahogany wood enclosure, King's Type 27/56 prototypic preamp

Power amps: EICO HF-60 (with Acrosound TO-330 output transformer), HF-50 (with Chicago output transformer), HF-35 built in Mullard 5-20 circuit.

Integrated amp: EICO HF-81 (s/no. 1199, made in 1958)

LS3/5A monitors:

Upper layer (left to right):
Rogers wallnet black badge (SO6404A &B), RAM wallnet (13381 &2), JR149 with replacement foam grille

Lower (left to right):
Chartwell teak veneer (1560), Harbeth black ash (single wire) and Rogers 15 ohm (in Stirling thin-walled reference cabinet)

If you are interested in Eico amplifiers check out Richard's Eico yahoogroup

Richard's system