Many thanks to Martyn Miles for these pictures of an unusual pair of LS3/5As he owned which were made by Falcon Acoustics. Martin contacted Jerry Bloomfield who now owns Falcon Acoustics to try to find out about their history.

They have ' Falcon Acoustics LS3/5A ' on the rear of each cabinet on dymo tape, plus 1B & 1 B written in pencil above the terminals & 001A & 001B below the terminals, also on dymo tape. They are exactly the same as normal LS3/5As, except the velcro dosn't go all around the front baffle perimeter, but is in four equal strips.These fit well onto the grille frame. The front grilles are genuine ( as far as I can see) Tygan . The felt around the tweeter is incorporated within the grille frame and sits perfectly around the T27. Otherwise exactly as any LS3/5A.

Jerry got in touch with Malcolm Jones, previous owner of Falcon who shed some light on this pair. Falcon holds comprehensive records and although Falcon only ever submitted crossovers to the BBC, it transpires these may be a pair of early RAMs made in conjunction with Falcon. They believe that they are RAM prototypes, submitted to the BBC for approval, or the cabinets that housed them after they were butchered after assessment. Falcon worked up the RAM LS3/5As and crossovers for the application.


thefalconls35a_small.jpg thefalconls35a2_small.jpg thefalconls35a3_small.jpg thefalconls35a4_small.jpg

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