John Keung's LS3/5A Collection

John's Story

John Keung

My story of LS3/5A like this.
In 1987, a young guy bought two pairs of loudspeaker. He first bought a pair of JBL 4312B with 12 inches woofer in his 250 square feet quarter.Later he bought his first LS3/5A, namely Rogers, a pseudo 15 ohm LS3/5A.

He was very regret after he listened his LS3/5A the first time. JBL sound was different from the LS3/5A. In 1987 a pair of LS3/5A costed him 450 US dollars and the JBL price was only a bit higher than the LS3/5A. However, time passed very fast, the young man listened to LS3/5A more often. One question always attacked him. There are different brand names LS3/5A with different manufacturers, which one is the best? The question repeated and repeated again. Then this young man bought another pair of LS3/5A with different name, then different veneers. When he listened to the music, he changed the LS3/5A pair by pair, listening the same section of music repeatedly and tried to find out the best sound from his LS3/5A. At the beginning, he really enjoyed doing this.

The young guy is not young and he is fat. He recently stopped buying more LS3/5A as he started to collect vintage valve gears for his LS3/5A collection. He likes KT66 as he looks like a KT66, a fat man.

Did he finally get the answer? Which LS3/5A is better? No. One day when he and his 5 years old little daughter was staying in his bedroom, his daughter told his dad to answer the door bell. Her dad could not hear the door bell as the kitchen door was closed. The door bell sang with a weak sound. He realized that he had a poor ears.

Then he was free. He understood why he had no answer which LS3/5A is better as he has no golden ears. He cannot point out the difference in sound among his LS3/5A collection. But since then, he really enjoyed the music. Not bothering to find out the best LS3/5A sound.

But the story did not end. He became a famous silly LS3/5A collectors. He is always asked to answer which LS3/5A sound best from his friends or others from all over the world via email.

But no one believes him that he can not point out the difference of two pairs of LS3/5A. To his ears, the LS3/5A sounds the same. He loves all his collection.