G0FUW teaching

The 2003 Bath Intermediate Videos online

In 2003 Steve Hartley G0FUW taught an amateur radio Intermediate Licence Course in Bath. The classes were shot by Robin Room M0RCR and are available to individuals and amateur radio clubs to support study towards the Intermediate examination.

The eight films work through the topics in the Intermediate manual and we also see material of the students carrying out the practical exercises required by the syllabus. Each class lasts between one and one and a half hours.

  • Viewing the videos online. Just click on the link below and watch. No registration is required with vimeo. The online films are indexed to enable you to easily jump to topics within a film.
  • Download the videos for later watching on your local PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Click on the link below. You will need to register with Vimeo (free) before you can download. There is a download link below each video and each film is about 400MB (mobile versions are about 200MB). In order to play back the downloads on a PC or Mac you will need a M4V compatible media player like VLC. Vimeo apps are available for iphones and Android devices.
  • You can also watch the Intermediate films on demand using many streaming players and TVs connected to the internet. Click here to see if your device is supported.

Click here to go to the Intermediate videos on the vimeo site.

If your internet connection is too slow to play back the films online then you can try:

  • Downloading the films one at a time for local playback.
  • Asking a friend with a faster broadband connection to download them for you.
  • Going to a library or other place with a public internet connection. All 8 films fit on a 4GB USB stick

Good luck with the Intermediate!

Disclaimer. Although the classes taught were up to date at the time, these recordings are offered in good faith, and while they were believed to me a true reflection of the syllabus as it stood in 2003, there have been changes to the curriculum since then. Neither Steve Hartley G0FUW nor Paul Whatton G4DCV accept any responsibility for any incorrect information contained in the videos. Students must check the current textbook and syllabus to be sure that they are up to date.

The material in these films may be copied and distributed freely to students and instructors involved in the UK Intermediate amateur radio licence course. A small charge may be made to cover the cost of materials. The material remains the copyright of Steve Hartley and Robin Room. The commercial sale or distribution of this material for profit is strictly prohibited.