AARUG Floppy Discs

Here you can download individual disks from the AARUG library. These AARUG disks are also included on the CD iso file.

Individual Amiga floppy disk files can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

You will need to use DMS to un-archive these to an Amiga floppy disk. Download DMS and lha. DMS.info file. lha .info file.

xDMS allows the extraction of files from DMS images.

The Amiga .info disk icon files are not included. In order to make these files visible on your Workbench, select view all. Icons can be created with the IconEdit program (in the Tools directory of the Extras disk), or by copying an existing .info file of the correct type. Or choose the add icon function in a file manager like Directory Opus.

Download sample .info floppy disk file. Rename the file so it is the same as the disc name, and save it at the root level directory of the disk.

Modern browsers should download each with a click. Older browsers that do not support html5 may require you to manually force the download (right click on a PC).