About the AARUG

The AARUG was originally set up in 1988 by Bob G3LMH and a handful of Amiga enthusiasts.

At it's peak there were about 400 members from around the world. The group published an occasional newsletter, Amigan Airwaves, and maintained an Amiga amateur radio software library. Members met at computer shows and rallys and there was a regular 40M Sunday morning net. Anyone with an interest in Amiga computing and radio communication was welcome to join for free. The group PD Librarian was Bob Perks G0LBQ who wore out many Amiga disk drives duplicating software and posting disks around the world. The AARUG web site was authored by Paul G4DCV who, taking pity on Bob's floppy drives, made the AARUG software available on a CD. And Steve G6LPF ran the Fidonet AmigaBee BBS from his home which pre-dated the internet and www but allowed us to communicate online and download files by dial-up.

With the decline of the Amiga, membership of the group slowly shrank. But there are still a few die-hards out there using the Amiga for amateur radio and so we continue to make Amiga amateur radio software available through this site.

With the interest in retro computing the AARUG now has a Facebook page

73 Paul G4DCV

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