Index of Aminet radio files on the AARUG CD

Index of Aminet radio files on the AARUG CD



* ahp4.lhaco mm/radio 539K Packet Radio HOST-MODE for amiga
* Amicom22.l ha comm/radio 222K THE BEST AX25 packet radio program !


* 7plusToGui.lha comm/misc 41K 23 GUI for 7plus
* AHP404. lha comm/misc 596K Packet radio hostmode program
* AHP4-IT.lha comm/misc 125K 65 Translation into Italian Language of the whole Gui
* AmiCom.l ha comm/misc 416K Pack et Radio Program V2.3
* AmigaTNC.lha comm/misc 33K Packet radio modem driver (TNC emulator)
* AmigaTNC-it.lha comm/misc 19K 34 Translation into Italian Language of the Guide.Doc
* ax25de vice.lzh comm/misc 56K SA NA2 AX25 network driver for KISS TNCs
* btrakr01.lh a comm/misc 57K Amate ur Radio balloon tracker
* btrakr02.lh a comm/misc 57K Amate ur Radio balloon tracker
* btrakr04.lh a comm/misc 57K Amate ur Radio balloon tracker
* btrakr08.lha comm/misc 59K 19 Amateur Radio balloon predictor
* CBBS.lha comm/misc 260K WORLI like BBS sys, amateur radio use. V
* cblog demo10.lha comm/misc 119K SERIOUS Ham Radio Contest logger
* CB_ Radio_2.2.lha comm/misc 26K Program for CB-Radio-Operators
* cibils200.l ha comm/misc 30K MUI Amateur Radio utility v2.00
* Cibils300.lha comm/misc 110K 0 MUI Amateur Radio utility v3.00
* gridloc.lha comm/misc 48K (AMOS) Amateur Radio grid square calc
* gui 4_7plus.lha comm/misc 3K+ GU I interface for the 7Plus converter.
* hamigalog.lha comm/misc 318K 22 Logbook program for Ham Radio (German)
* janos110l .lha comm/misc 413K Port from jnos110l for packet radio
* jjanos.lha comm/misc 602K Jnos port whith many new commands. (upda
* Packet-Point.lha comm/misc 211K 3 Point programme for Packet-Radio (ham)
* PPoi nt_v0-12.lha comm/misc 63K A German point-programme for PacketRadio
* ProfiPa cket.lha comm/misc 168K Pa cket Radio terminal program
* Radio M0941.lha comm/misc 75K R adio wave utility ( beta preview )
* rnbr.lha comm/misc 50K Amateur Radio range&bearing (AMOS) v0.9
* rttyam.lhacomm/misc 50kDL4ZB H RTTY transmit & receive
* Send Morse.lha comm/misc 11K Pla y textfile as morse code.
* vhlogg er_V2.lzh comm/misc 58K A mateur radio call sign logging program.
* xprcl014.lz h comm/misc 18K Set amiga time from atomic radio clock


* 7plus20.lha misc/sci 53K+ An intelligent ASCII to binary encoder
* AmiSPICEed.lha misc/sci 367K 11 Simulation environment for SPICE (V1.7)
* ChipMun k-lib.lha misc/sci 50K Chip Munk Package - Electronic circuits t
* circuit.lha misc/sci 67K 26 Free logic circuit simulator using MUI
* CircuitData.lha misc/sci 5K 24 5 additional macros for 'Circuit'
* E12.lha misc/sci 13K 48 Best match a resistance with the E12 series
* EBrushes_10.lha misc/sci 25K 63 Brushes for Electronic circuit design
* Electrics _1_0.lha misc/sci 160K Digit al circuit designer, version 1.0
* ElectroCA D.lha misc/sci 178K Electr onic CAD Package
* EltronSch.lh a misc/sci 261K Professi onal Electronic Schematic Captur
* Filters.lha misc/sci 15K GUI based RC filter design program. V1.2
* log-bin-040 .lha misc/sci 709K Digital /Analog circuit simulator with sc
* log-bin-fpu.l ha misc/sci 705K Digital/ Analog circuit simulator with sc
* log-bin.lha misc/sci 797K Digital/Ana log circuit simulator with sc
* log-doc.lha misc/sci 352K Digital/An alog circuit simulator with sc
* log-lib.lha misc/sci 108K Digital/Anal og circuit simulator with sc
* LogEv10.lha misc/sci 53K cmd-line simulation of logic circuits
* Logic Shop_v1.1.lha misc/sci 13K B uild and test logic circuits with an in
* Logic Sim10_Spa.lha misc/sci 3K Spanish catalog for Logic Simulator v1.0
* Logi cSim10_Swe.lha misc/sci 5K Swedish catalog for LogicSimulator (ver.
* LogicSim1 1.lha misc/sci 213K Logic circuit simulator v1.1
* LogicSi m_Dan.lha misc/sci 3K Da nish catalog for LogicSim 1.1
* LogicSi m_Spa.lha misc/sci 3K Sp anish catalog for LogicSim 1.1x
* lpdemo101 .lha misc/sci 39K Digital Logic Circuit Simulator
* MN3A.lha misc/sci 57K An antenna design program. V1.2
* mtrainer13.l ha misc/sci 166K Tutoria l for learning Morse code
* pcbdesigner.lha misc/sci 61K 67 Tool for PCB designing - BLABLA PRODUCT
* PCBTool.lha misc/sci 57K PC board layout program. V2.6
* PPoi nt_v0-12.lha comm/misc 63K A German point-programme for PacketRadio
* R-MORSE1_1.lha misc/sci 16K 230 A Morse tutor, works on any Amiga
* R-WEFAX1_1.lha misc/sci 164K 230 A WeFAX RX. TNC, OS2.0+, 1M CHIP req.
* SatTrac k_v42.lha misc/sci 321K A satellite tracking program
* satelit12.lha misc/sci 23K 61 Satellite Finder for TV
* SCAN8800 .lha misc/sci 567K Contro ller for receiver FRG-8800, databa
* SCAN 8800_881.lha misc/sci 161K C ontroller for receiver FRG-8800, databa
* SCAN88 00_T.lha misc/sci 146K Con troller for receiver FRG-8800, databa
* SCAN 8800_T40.lha misc/sci 146K C ontroller for receiver FRG-8800, databa
* SpAn_v15.l ha misc/sci 23K SpAn v1.5 is a little spectrum analyzer
* spice3f 5r3_000.lzh misc/sci 1.0M A nalog Ckt. Simulator r1.3 (000)
* spice3f 5r3_020.lzh misc/sci 931K A nalog Ckt. Simulator r1.3 (020/FPU)
* until-bin-0 40.lha misc/sci 144K Grap hics editor
* until-bin-fp u.lha misc/sci 144K Graph ics editor
* until-bin.lha misc/sci 145K Graphics editor
* until-doc.lha misc/sci 62K Graphics editor
* until-lib.lha misc/sci 12K Graphics editor
* util-bin-fpu.l ha misc/sci 49K ChipM unk Package - additional tools
* util-bin.lha misc/sci 52K ChipMunk Package - additional tools
* view-bin- 040.lha misc/sci 230K Data manipulation and plotting tool
* view-bin-f pu.lha misc/sci 229K Data manipulation and plotting tool
* view-bin.lha misc/sci 227K Data manipulation and plotting tool
* view-doc.lha misc/sci 223K Data manipulation and plotting tool
* view-lib.lha misc/sci 28K Data manipulation and plotting tool
* Widerst and1_0.lha misc/sci 21K Re sistor values from color codes
* wol-bin-04 0.lha misc/sci 186K IC layout tool
* wol-bin-fpu. lha misc/sci 185K IC layout tool
* wol-bin.lha misc/sci 188K IC layout tool
* wol-doc.lha misc/sci 240K IC layout tool


* morse1.2.lz h misc/edu 22K Morse code trainer


* PBDEM O304.lha biz/demo 626K De mo version of ProBoard 3.04 autorouter


* APalAsm.lha biz/misc 50K 404 Programmable Array Logic (PAL) program
* ASpice.lha biz/misc 156K Circuit analysis program for Amiga. V5.1
* ProBoard1. lha biz/misc 332K Pro-Bo ard 3 PCB CAD demo, part1
* ProBoard2. lha biz/misc 152K Pro-Bo ard 3 PCB CAD demo, part2
* ProNet12B. lha biz/misc 245K Pro-N et Schematic Capture 1.2B Demo
* ProNetAut o.lha biz/misc 180K Pro-N et Schematic Capture Auto Demo


* A_H.Guide.lha docs/hyper 2.3M 34 Satellite guide in german language
* A_H_Guide_2.lha docs/hyper 2.0M 67 Satellite guide in german language
* cmosgui.lh a docs/hyper 33K A CMOS circuit guide (HUN)
* ER_1.lha docs/hyper 503K Electroni c repair in Amigaguide format
* ER_2.lha docs/hyper 457K Electroni c repair in Amigaguide format


* AmigaScope.lha hard/hack 25K 310 8 channel digital oscilloscope, uses parallel port
* atomuhr1 2.lha hard/hack 27K Atom Uhr V1.2 - DCF77 Receiver
* dsa.lha hard/hack 141K 19 16channel Digital Signal Analyser, A1200 IDE
* eleguide.lha hard/hack 68K 76 Little guide about electronic basics
* pcb.lha hard/hack 53K How to create PCB s German+Italian AG
* pr-modem .lha hard/hack 95K Pack et-Radio-Modem


* icdb.lha hard/misc 91K Database for integrated circuits
* NewTTL10.lha hard/misc 15K 17 TTL and CMOS database
* ttl11.lha hard/misc 6K Takes a 74xx number and tells it's purpo


* 7pl217ea.lha util/arc 89K+ 7Plus - a UUencode equivalent for packet


* CBScan 1_96.lha util/misc 82K Citiz en Band Radio controller. V1.96 OS2
* CWToy.lha util/misc 60K Allow Amiga to communicate in Morse Code
* dbb119.lha util/misc 140K 236 GUI Digital Logic Circuit Simulator (WB2.x)
* morse.lha util/misc 11K Morse coder/decoder, v1.2
* Pcb098.lha util/misc 39K 121 A Printed Circuit Board designer
* Scope2_v23.lha util/misc 110K 152 Bugfixes. Connect Digital-Measuring-Instument


* gfft.lha mus/misc 540K Fourier spectrum analyser


* qrzcd09.lha disk/cdrom 16K 36 Search QRZ Ham Radio CDROM database v0.9